Celebration of our Shop Two Year Anniversary on Etsy

Celebration of our Shop Two Year Anniversary on Etsy

Although Shadedmoon have been making collars and apparel for Italian Greyhounds for three years we only made the transition from Facebook to Etsy two years ago.

The success Shadedmoon has enjoyed on Etsy has been far more than anticipated, we have made sales to the farthest places in Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, The Russian Federation and the USA.

 Ezra from Belgium

We have also made some wonderful friends via the shop and been able to donate items to rescue both here in the UK and also the USA. I really hope to be able to not only continue but increase my ability to donate what I make to iggies in need when I can.

Captain – Alaska

I really appreciate my customers so much! The feedback has been phenomenal, the photos that they have sent have been wonderful and it makes me so happy to see all the iggies wearing my designs around the world.

Please do visit my Shadedmoon Customer Photos Gallery to see some of the beautiful dogs featured there.

    Grace and Pia – USA        Candy – Puerto Rico


Special Thanks go to Deb with Allie and Riley and Linda with Fifi who have gone out of their way many times to support and promote my shop after making purchases from me.

Allie and Riley – USA

Fifi – Singapore