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We hope you find the following links useful, some are to friends websites, some are to organisations we have found a source of helpful or interesting information. Some are links to stuff for or about iggies that we have used or are impressed with. Other links are to training clubs, some are to causes that we support.

Italian Greyhound Breed Clubs

Canine Rescue

If you have lost or found a dog

Greyhound Rescue West of England

Border Collie Rescue

Canine Charities

Canine Health

Dog Training

Roding Ringcraft 01279 524396

Silverthorn Dog Training Club (Chingford) 020 8523 9937

Italian Greyhound Websites

Italian Greyhound Meetups

Italian Greyhound Books

The Italian Greyhound Club Centenary Celebration and compiled by Annette Oliver

Italian Greyhounds Today – Annette Oliver

The Italian Greyhound 21st Century – Lillian Barber

The Dog in the Tapestry Garden – Dorothy P. Lathrop


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Shadedmoon Secret Stash


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