Aspen’s Profile

‘Diamond Dust at Shadedmoon’


Aspen is a very pretty dark blue girl, she has the most expressive dark eyes and fixes you with a melting stare. Aspen prefers to take her time when getting to know new people and dogs, but very quickly warms up and then will reveal her cheeky and playful side. She loves a good run and adores chasing birds. She is very vocal when meeting new dogs and tries her best to sound fierce, but will leave the others to deal with her rudeness should things look dicey.

Aspen is very feminine, dainty and cute, but don’t let this fool you, should she be in possession of a juicy bone or chew then all the other dogs better watch out! She does not share! Aspen has responded well to clicker training and picks things up quickly, this gentle training method has helped her develop her confidence. She is a lovely, funny, cheeky girl and a definite favourite with all the other dogs in the household.

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