Cairo’s Profile

‘Looks the Business’ at Shadedmoon


Cairo is the eldest at Shadedmoon a handsome blue fawn irish marked boy. He is fantastic with other dogs no matter their size (as long as they are well mannered), and is sensible beyond his years. He is a very confident friendly boy who loves people, particularly children. He is also a great thief! If you have a treat hidden anywhere he will find it, prepare to have your bag and pockets emptied! He can be sneaky about it or blatant it all depends on how he has summed you up as to what he can get away with.

Cairo is great at obedience and likes agility, as long as there are treats involved! Cairo loves a run around with the others, he also loves his bed and likes to be under a blanket even in summer! He is a very loving boy and often greets people with a lopsided smile that looks like an Elvis sneer. Despite his diminutive size Cairo feels it his his job to protect us all and is the first to bark at the door or chase away noisy fireworks. He is a gorgeous boy so easy to live with.

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