Lumen’s Profile

‘Shadedmoon’s Illuminati’



Lumen (Shadedmoon’s Illuminati)

Lumen was born in August 2013. She was a longed for puppy from Aspen (Diamond Dust at Shadedmoon) and was kept here at Shadedmoon simply because of this, another pup was clearly pick of the litter but little Lumen made us fall in love with her the second she arrived. Never would we have imagined how well she would do in the show ring!


Lumen aged 4 weeks with mum Aspen (Diamond Dust at Shadedmoon)

Pictured above with mummy Aspen at just 4 weeks. She certainly wasn’t the prettiest puppy but that most definitely changed. Now at little over a year old she is definitely the liveliest iggy here at Shadedmoon! She is always on the go and inquisitive about everything but she is still very affectionate, loving nothing more than a snuggle on the sofa! There were no definite plans to show Lumen but good friend and handler Michaela Gale asked to give her a try in the show ring at open show level (Michaela has handled Shadedmoon dogs as a Junior and Adult Handler for the last 6 years). She was entered for her first show at 7 months old and was placed 2nd out of 8 in AVNSC Toy Junior.


Lumen (Shadedmoon’s Illuminati) at her first show

Although still very lightly shown, she has always been well placed. As a puppy earning several first places and Best Puppy awards. At Tunbridge Wells under Howard Ogden she gained Puppy Group 2 and at Kingston under Maryanne Hogan she was awarded Puppy Group 3. Also at her final show as a puppy, she was awarded both Best of Breed and Best Puppy under judge Frank Kane in a large entry of IG’s. She also won the puppy stakes out of 25 entries at the same show.

‘7 month IG of lovely bodylines, long head, good eye, excellent neck, stylish & sound moving. BPAVNSC and Puppy Group 2’ Howard Ogden

‘Fawn bitch, lovely conformation. Excellent length of neck and has a good topline which she kept on the move. BP and RBOB’ Jan Fiers

’11 month fawn bitch, nice shaped head with good ear carriage. Good dentition, nice arched neck leading into a good shoulder placement, which allows excellent front leg angulation. Good topline, kept on the move, showing good rear angulation. Very well deserved BP, went on to win Puppy Group 3′ Derek Garside

‘Gorgeous bitch, beautiful shape held on the move. Lovely front and bone. Excellent level. Very good rear with some lift in front. Beautiful coat and skin, should have a great future. BOB and BP’ Frank Kane


Lumen winning Best of Breed and Best Puppy under Frank Kane

At her first show out of puppy classes, Lumen was to truly prove herself in the show ring. At only 13 months at Worthing Open show she was awarded 1st in AVNSC Junior and Best AVNSC under judge Virginia Barwell, who then awarded her Toy Group 1. Michaela says she was overwhelmed at winning the group with Lumen and had to call home to tell us how well she had done before heading into the Best in Show ring. After a long wait for the final judging, Lumen was awarded Reserve Best in Show by judge Carole Coode. We are delighted to hear that this qualifies her for Crufts 2015.

‘My star of the show, simply beautiful from head to toe. Moved so positively, nothing over accentuated & at one with her sympathetic handler. Delighted to award her Group 1 and congratulations on going RBIS’ Virginia Barwell 

‘RBIS- 13 months Italian Greyhound. Fitted the standard well, super balanced outline, moving very soundly, fine glossy coat, fine boned and good feet’ Carole Coode


Pictured winning RBIS at Worthing under Carole Coode (Photo Steve Jefford)

As she has been so successful, Michaela has decided to continue showing her. She has done well at her first few shows as an adult, winning 2 Best of Breeds, Toy Group 3 at Bedford and Toy Group 1 at East Kent.

‘Fawn who I have to say I loved, she took BOB being elegant & fine, holding a most lovely outline, super straight, deep chest & correct topline. A series of graceful curves well angulated rear which was well off for muscle & tone, slender head with good muzzle, slight stop and dark eyes, her rose ears were neat and set well, she looked stunning both stood & on the move, which was so true going and coming & very pleasing on the go around. I would have happily brought this one home, I liked her enormously’ Robert Hitchcock