Nasir’s Profile

‘Aelaro in Tuxedo’ for Shadedmoon


Nasir is the youngest Italian Greyhound at Shadedmoon, he is an elegant black irish marked boy. What can be said about this boy, he is a nutcase! Nasir uses everything and everybody as a springboard! He is constantly on the go performing death defying leaps with constant requests to calm down to prevent accidents! However he is the most lovable, friendly, cuddly boy a real sweetie even though his antics often cause a sharp intake of breath! A real treasure , when you can get him to stay still!

He is busy learning the ropes at obedience but concentration is not his strong point. He brings out the puppy in all the others including sensible Cairo and is one of the only dogs in the household who will tease Cuba, and get away with it! An instant hit with all but be prepared for a little whirlwind! A very lively but much loved addition to the Shadedmoon household.