Shadedmoon Italian Greyhounds

We all have had dogs in our lives, who have shared many special times with us, and will always be missed. This page is dedicated to those dogs. The following excerpt was written upon the death of an Italian greyhound named Fairy in the 1900’s and was read at her graveside.

Fairy’s Requiem

Read at her grave by the author.
The Reverend Alan Hudson. Our friend and guest on that sad day

Poor gentle thing! Thy life at last is ended,

Thy days of pain and weakness over – past;

With higher life thy little heart has blended,

While softly lies thy head beneath the grass

We place thee here beside the sunny fountain,

Where o’er thy head will blow the breath of June;

The limpid waters though did’st lap in often

Will murmur at thy grave their gentle tune.

No sombre role thy wounded breast shall burden,

No long processions bear thee to the sod;

The flowers alone shall be thy loving guerdon.

The murmuring sea thy requiem to God.

Thy little life was like a summer blossom,

Unknown to men who passed thee idly by;

But hearts there were who stooped to learn thy lesson

Of friendship, pure and constant as the sky.

Thy love though humble never knew deception;

Thy tongue though speechless ne’er concealed a lie;

Thine eyes as soft as tinted autumn lichen,

A truth revealed that was not born to die.

Oh though who see’st the fall of sparrow wounded,

Whose hand in pity binds the bruised reed,

Teach us thy law in all creation grounded –

Unselfish love, the one and only creed.

When human hearts deceive and round us deaden,

When human lips our sacred trust betray,

Help us stoop in humbleness unbidden

The love of lowly creature to essay.

We cannot part the curtain of the future,

We cannot tell what love lies beyond the veil;

We only hope the love of a friendly creature

On other shores may evermore avail.

So, little friend we lay thee down at sunset,

As fading beams play softly on thy breast;

About thy weary head we strew the flowerets;

We leave thee to a calm and perfect rest.

The singing birds will be thy boon companions,

The lilies fair shall bloom beside thy grave;

The silver sea will chant its solemn stanions

For thy life so gentle pure and brave

Excerpt from: ‘Yours With All Of My Heart’ Her Own Story, As Told By The Beautiful Italian Gazelle Hound Fairy (1904)

By Esther M. Baxendale

                                                         Paperback ISBN: 1104747677
                                                        Hardcover ISBN: 1104813084

Remembering Samantha


The dog that started it all!

This is me at approximately aged three with my Manchester Terrier named Samantha.

She was bought from a local market. I remember clearly, choosing her with my dad from a market stall which was set up with a box loaded with straw with overhead heat lamps. I remember the disbelief that we were actually allowed to take her home. She was my best friend while growing up and loved very much.