Think Twice

Shadedmoon Italian Greyhounds
Think Twice

The following points are made in my own opinion, there are always exceptions and everyone has differing ideas on the types of lifestyle or environment suitable for Italian greyhounds. This page has been added as there has been an increase in the number of Italian greyhounds needing rehoming, some due to owner expectations differing from the needs of the Italian greyhound.

If you want an all weather dog?
Italian Greyhounds feel the cold and need appropriate coats in cold or wet weather

If you are very houseproud?
Italian greyhounds can be difficult to housetrain

If you have lively or boisterous children or dogs?
Italian greyhounds do not like being roughly treated or handled and can suffer from leg breaks

If you like dogs that quietly lie at your feet?
Italian greyhounds like to be cuddled up on the sofa next to you

If you like to have your dog off lead in many situations?
Italian greyhounds have high prey and chase drive and this can override their safety concerns.

If you expect a dog that is cheap to maintain?
What you save in grooming fees can easily be spent in dental treatments.

If you expect a great obedience dog?
Italian greyhounds are not always happy to endlessly repeat training exercises.

If you don’t believe in gentle training methods?
Italian greyhounds do not respond well to jerking, pushing or harsh methods of training.

If you are not prepared to support your dog for life?
An Italian greyhound can live to 16 years or more

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