Topa’s Story

Topa’s Story

An Amazing Italian Greyhound Puppy

Sometimes you hear a story that really touches you.Greyhound called Topa with her owner Sue Dunning from Anjuskar Italian Greyhounds. I was at a show with my IG’s who towered over this tiny girl with her huge personality! I just thought she was wonderful then I heard her story.

I asked Sue if I could share Topa’s story on my website as I felt it would not only be of interest to others, but may help others have hope against all odds if faced with a similar situation. The following is this wonderful girl’s story in Sue’s words Last year I met a tiny, tiny Italian

Topa is a 10 month old Italian (Miniature) Greyhound. First born in her litter she weighed a respectable 6ozs & was doing fine. Suddenly, at 6 days old she started crying & not feeding, quite unable to suck. The Vets suggested injecting her with fluid but as it was late at night i decided to syringe fluid into her mouth, which I did every half hour through the night.

The next day she was crying less but still not feeding. The next two days were spent syringing puppy milk into her every two hours, day & night. On the 9th day her eyes, which were still closed, were swollen with pus coming out of one. I took her to the Vets with a heavy heart, sure this was he end.

However, the Vet suggested an antibiotic injection as a last ditch attempt to save her. Amazingly her eyes improved so she started on antibiotics & I continued feeding her syringed milk. She still weighed less than 7ozs, having been so ill. Sadly, when her eyes open it was obvious they were not right, off to the Vets again, this time the advice was add eye drops & wait & see.

At 3 weeks old there was a glimmer of light in one eye & she started sucking from a bottle. By 5weeks one eye was working & she started to feed from her Mum (Destiny). She has gone from strength to strength; probably the biggest thrill of all is that by 4 months her second eye had almost cleared.

Now a very lively, healthy little dog she has joined her sister going to Dog Shows & has qualified for Crufts! Without the dedication of the wonderful young lady Vets at Wendover, Reiki healing sent by my daughter, help & support of family & friends, not to mention Topa’s fighting spirit we would not have this little miracle girl. She is adored by all who meet her.

Thank you Sue & Rob Dunning for letting me share Topa’s story