Tried and Tested

Shadedmoon’s Tried and Tested

Over the years at Shadedmoon many products have been bought for the comfort, care and health of the dogs, some of which have not lived up to their promises. Others have been quite honestly a complete waste of money. So we have compiled a list of items that we have used and found to work for us. Hopefully they will be of help as some of the items we have only heard about through word of mouth from other IG owners and it would have saved us a lot of work and cash had we known about them earlier! We hope to add more products as we find them, so please check back

Cleaning Up

Odor – Kill

Great product for cleaning gets rid of all odours, I used it on the boy’s favourite pee spots outdoors and it worked yipee!, my garden now no longer smells like a boys lavatory near every upright object! It can also be used safely indoors even on carpets and furniture.


Petzlife Oral Care Gel

I have to say that I am yet to master brushing my dogs teeth very expertly, probably because I am too soft and I know they don’t like it! This product is fantastic. Luckily I feed lots of chews etc. And rarely, human food, so their teeth are in good condition. However it is inevitable that they will begin to get plaque and tartar as they age particularly at the gum line of the canines and the molars. This gel is very easy to use and I saw a difference in under a week! Also it uses 100% natural ingredients.


Some Italian Greyhounds suffer from dry skin in the winter when the central heating is turned on, we have found this product Humilac made by Virbac to be really good. It is a lanolin and oil free moisturiser and is used to treat dry skin it also restores lustre to the coat and is non-greasy. It can usually be bought through your vet or online through some of the Pet Pharmacies.

Milbemax small dog wormer

One of the things we have learned is that worming and flea treatments must be undertaken on a regular basis to maintain the optimum health for your Iggy. With the threat of Lungworm (also known as French heartworm) increasing in this country we prefer to use a broad spectrum wormer called Milbemax which can only be purchased with a prescription. Iggy’s are very curious dogs and I have often found mine with a snail in their mouth, (the main source of transmission) however this is not the only source of transmission and fox faeces, snail trails on grass etc., are thought to be other ways this parasite is transmitted.

Please check with your veterinarian which wormer covers lungworm, as all wormers are not made the same and some of the most popular wormers do not provide cover for Lungworm. We use Milbemax for small dogs and have found its small size perfect for the iggy’s as it can easily be hidden in a treat or administered, with little fuss


Here at Shadedmoon we love Nina Ottosson interactive toys, they are great for enabling a dog to think and problem solve. They can also be useful if you have a picky eater as the challenge of reaching the food can stimulate a dog’s interest and appetite. We particularly like the Dog Brick and Dog Tornado


Coming soon!


We have found clicker training to be a gentle rewarding way of training the iggy’s at Shadedmoon and we have found it works well with their sometimes sensitive temperaments. Above all it is essential to find a trainer or training class to teach you how to use a clicker appropriately as timing is crucial, but not difficult to grasp, once you have been shown how. Above are two items that we found useful when starting out, the book Clicker Training for Dogs by Karen Pryor is a very basic introduction to clicker training and is easy to read and has clear illustrations. The clicker we found useful as it has a coil wrist band so that you don’t drop it, which I found essential when first starting as I wasn’t very coordinated!

for the book

for the clicker

Well being

There is a lot written about difficulties with toilet training iggies, due to the small size of their bladders etc. I have found the Plexidor invaluable for training my dogs, although very small or young puppies can find it a little scary at first. I prefer to housetrain my dogs using traditional methods then train use of the dog door separately using great treats! Then look to combine the two when the dog is confident with both. I prefer to use the medium size but the small may be suitable depending on the weight/height of your iggy.

I have found the distributors in the UK very helpful. Obviously dog doors can only be used where the safety and security of your dog can be assured.