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Shadedmoon’s Secret-Stash

Shadedmoon has been making collars specifically for Italian Greyhounds for the past eight years initially selling through Facebook.

Due to the success of this venture we opened an online shop on Etsy making jammies and harnesses too. We recently celebrated our six year anniversary with Etsy and would like to thank all our customers who have supported us and made this such a success.


I have always admired the wide collars, which can be seen on Salukis and other hunting hounds in the Middle East. These hounds with their long slender necks make for a perfect picture. I had not used a sewing machine for many years although I have always enjoyed being creative.

It all started when I joined an Italian Greyhound Forum; on one of these Forums a member was looking for people to make blocks for a quilt, which they would complete to be auctioned to raise funds for Italian Greyhound Rescue in America. I decided to take part and produced some blocks using Union Jack and St. George’s flag fabric

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As I had the sewing machine out I decided to attempt to design collars for my Italian Greyhounds. I wanted to design something myself from scratch that was soft and gentle but strong and lightweight.

Soon friends with Italian Greyhounds started requesting that I make collars for their Iggy’s too!

I could then start to let my imagination go with additional lace, charms, tassels, flowers and the occasional use of vintage fabrics, that make Shadedmoon collars unique.

This led to the creation of Shadedmoon’s Secret-Stash on Facebook, due to the success of this venture a year later we set up our online shop on Etsy.

All our collars are handmade by me and nothing is factory made or mass produced, designs evolve all the time from inspiration that I find around me.

We have sold collars to customers all over the world in the UK, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.

Our handmade collars are usually made in limited runs (from 1-8 in number) from unusual and interesting fabric sourced from all over the world, to produce collars that are unique in design, in three styles Wide Clip collar, Slide Adjust Martingale and our Combi Collar, in nine sizes to fit Italian Greyhounds.

7″,7.5″,8″,8.5″, 9″,9.5″, 10″, 10.5″, 11″



 The Wide Clip Collar

The Wide Clip Collar can be used on or off lead so is very versatile, for when a walk is combined with off lead play. The Wide Clip Collar is 1 ½” (38mm)wide tapering to ¾” (20mm) at the back where there is a quick release clip, we use contoured clips which have a slight arch to fit more comfortably against the shape of the neck. The inside of the collar is lined with satin in a contrasting or complimentary colour.

Designed by myself specifically for Italian Greyhounds after much trial and error to ensure the optimum comfort and wear-ability
Very comfortable with satin lining and a polypropylene webbing core for strength.
The collar has a side release buckle clip – contoured to fit comfortably against the neck.

 Slide adjust Martingale Walking Collars

The Slide Adjust Martingale Walking Collars we make are very useful for when you want a collar that is easy to slip on and off for that quick road walk, or when you have multiple dogs to walk or want to change collars very quickly. I have found them very useful at dog shows so that my dogs can be walked securely outside the ring then I can make a quick change to a show lead for the show ring with the minimum amount of fuss as it just slips on and off over the dogs head. This collar is intended to be used attached to the leash.

It can be used in conjunction with a slim tag collar for ID if you want to combine on leash with off leash walks, so that if an off lead run is wanted your Italian Greyhound will have identification when the martingale collar is slipped off over the head.

The Slim Tag / Identification Collar 

Italian Greyhound  ID/Tag Collars in Velvet or Cotton Fabrics are  for use as a comfortable house collar so that identification can be worn but also as a co-ordinating ID / Tag Collar for use with Shadedmoon Martingales to carry identification tags during off leash play when out on walks.

The Combi Collar

The Combi Collar is a combined martingale with leash. The martingale just slips on and off over the head and can be closed with a slide adjuster if wanted.  It is very useful when you are in a hurry and want to undertake a quick road walk, change collars quickly or road walk multiple dogs, no more searching for separate collars and leashes. I also used them when toilet training as the two are combined it just meant that I quickly slipped the collar over the pups head and took them to the garden 

The Shadedmoon Soft Harness

 I was looking for a harness as an alternative to a collar for young pups but couldn’t find anything soft enough at the time. I looked at several designs then came up with this style that suited my own dogs. It gave security but was also soft enough so that it did not rub the iggies delicate skin. The harness is cut high at the shoulder so that the dogs have ample movement to run freely with them on. The harnesses have hook and loop (velcro type) fastenings at the neck and chest and as standard a webbing strap and buckle at the neck for additional security. I also offer an additional strap at the chest if required at a small extra cost.

Italian Greyhound Jammies

Jammies come in four standard sizes to fit Italian Greyhounds. I also offer variations on these sizes for IG’s with  larger or smaller chests than average and shorter legs.  Plain Fleece Jammies come in many colours depending on availability.

I always wanted to put my own particular mark on the jammies design and make some unique jammies specifically for Shadedmoon.

Shadedmoon Jersey Lined Sood / Neck Warmer Jammies

Our signature look the jersey lined snood / neck warmer jammies for Italian Greyhounds were originally designed by myself for my oldest Iggy Cairo. I wanted something to prevent his ears going pink with cold but didn’t want to add too much bulk or to generate too much heat around his head so I designed my own jersey lined snoods/neck warmers that are so popular with Iggy owners. I always feel the best designs come from problem solving.

Shadedmoon Simple Sleeveless Sweater 

Custom fit Simple Fleece Sleeveless Sweaters are made to fit the unique shape and slender neck of Italian Greyhounds.

Shadedmoon Snood Jammies

During a snowy winter some of my dogs hated their ears getting cold so I designed these snood jammies. They have a drawstring closure to draw it over the ears and around the face and an opening at the nape of the neck for the leash. When not needed as a snood it sits comfortably at the base of the neck providing extra warmth.

Shadedmoon Two Legged Sweaters

Created for Italian Greyhounds for those cold days, where Jammies are just too warm, or for those dogs (and owners) who prefer this style. They are shorter in the leg  than the jammies and are made to order in either plain or patterned fleece as available.